What is Making Uber Transition to Driver-less Volvo-Made Cars?

Uber's transition to driverless cars -credit via:
It’s evident that Uber’s efforts to retain the position of being the top ride-hailing company in the world remains unchallenged. Even so -to fasten their grip on the market farther, Uber is planning to purchase over 24,000 sport utility cars from Volvo to foam a new fleet of autonomous vehicles. Well, this is not the first time the company is reporting service upgrade -they are ever evolving.

Just the other day, Uber Technologies Inc. launched the Uber Eat and Rate App that allows users to locate joints use their services and rate, to enhance customer satisfaction. After that, it again rolled out the glowing windshields and location sharing features to help locate their cars in crowded areas like airports and events.

Uber’s new focus

Now, the company seems to think deep around replacing its fleet with driverless cars. Does this mean the cost of keeping drivers has become unbearable? Well, maybe - because so far the company employees over 2 million people - these are drivers only without mentioning other staffs in the management level, which when you compare with the rate at which a taxi driver is paid currently in the U.S that’s a lot of money going out of this company.

However, the salaries paid to drivers may not really be the reason for transitioning to driver-less cars. Other aspects of boosting road safety and avoiding human mistakes could be the reason for migration. Research shows that over 45,000 fatalities occur due to drunken driving and other silly -yet avoidable errors from human-drivers. Maybe that is what the company is basing its decisions on.

Uber’s growing interest for self-driving cars

At some point last year, Uber accepted to use 100 XC90s for autonomous car driving tests around Pittsburgh. After that, it again agreed to incorporate self-driving Mercedes-Benz from Daimler AG in its network. But unfortunately, a lawsuit was filed against Uber, by Alphabet Inc. The lawsuit claimed that Uber stole trade secrets from Waymo -thus putting the planned test project on pause.

Despite that hiccup, something else has cooked up. Uber now plans to buy 24,000 cars fitted with autonomous tech. This came as a clear sign showing the company is still committed to the driverless idea -despite being under the new management of Dara Khosrowshahi’s leadership, the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer.

XC90s is the model to focus on

In this arrangement, the company still prefers the XC90s which could cost a whopping $45, 900 each. Nonetheless, production is yet to begin, that is according to Volvo but it has assured that by 2021 the total requested number of cars will be ready for delivery.

Ideally, the Volvo team will be tasked in making the car and all the hardware that should support pilot-less driving -then handover the cars to Uber’s San Francisco team which will be responsible at adding sensors and software that permit their customized autonomous driving.

Why Volvo?

Well, nothing specific, it's a scenario of the potential seller and willing buyer -a deal that would still have stood if Uber approached SpaceX, a company that also makes autonomous cars. Nonetheless, the marriage between Volvo and Uber has its history from afar -and in this case, the automaker seems to be the greatest beneficiary.

Volvo engineers had this in mind and with Uber’s financial boost, the two companies hope to come up with a core driverless technology that will allow augmentations that fit their specific needs.

In summary, there are lots of factors that seem to catalyze the migration of Uber from human-driven cars to autonomous vehicles, not to mention the obvious reason -which is, simply the need to keep up with the rhythm of tech advancement.


Telsa's Electric Roadster for 2022 was Mind-blowing

Tesla roadster for 2022

Elom Musk's Electric car manufacturing company unleashed the long awaited semi-track. Being electrically charged, this would be a great plus to whoever may own it in future. That is -the fuel costs that often hike due to crude oil scarcity and other aspects surrounding the gas market are expected to no longer be a concern to electric car owners.

Is this the future...?

Everyone was in for amazement during the launch once the freezer-sized battery pack, the long researched and re-purposed electric motor and several key features were explained. It sounded exactly like the future, while at the same time offering the onlookers a ton of fun.

The surprise

That was not all, there was another surprise that seemed to overtake the ten-wheeler's popularity -despite the fact that the show was originally meant for it. The Roadster - a "crazy" "speed-monger." Musk calls it, "The fastest car on earth and in space, but is he really right bearing the fact that we are yet to see what aliens can produce?

To begin full operations in 2020, the new Telsa Roadster is expected to have amazing exhilaration power, 0 - 60 sprint speed change in 1.9 seconds which continues through a quarter mile in a max of eight seconds. Could this be the end of the Dodge Demon -which has for quite a while retained the title as king of the acceleration? We'll have to wait and see.

Roadsters' charging system

With the battery pack located right down the body, at an easy to access point, recharging is expected to be completely stress free. Drivers will also enjoy it as driving is aided by an all-wheel drive setup capable of seeing all the three motors.

Much like the previously known roadster, comfort during transit is key. Musk says this machine will sit four -- two comfortably in the front and another two in the back.

Unfortunately, but very realistic, all that performance will come at a special price, which most folks won't be able to raise. The new Telsa Roadster will go for $250, 000 -which automatically takes the position of Telsa's most expensive car.

Ordering for the car

For those willing to pre-order now, the least you can deposit is $50, 000, however be prepared to wait until 2020 because that's when you'll be able to get your car. That's a 3 years waiting period, which in real sense is not all that much, you can clearing your balance and that will make acquiring this new technology very painless on your side.

Is it Self Driving?

In the current days, you hardly read about Telsa without spotting the word driverless or autonomous somewhere. Therefore, to clear the airways, the new Tesla Roadster is not self-driving, BUT, and very important to note is, the car is autonomous enabled.

Meaning all the necessary hardware that should support the autonomous technology is in place, and the functions will open in bits as the software upgrades to enable various undertaking. This was set to help resolve the current raising problem of driver shortage.

However, to make it clear, the issue of driver-decline is more prevalent with trucks where a report, in 2012, said that the current generation is kind of avoiding heavy trucking. Nonetheless, there need to have driverless cars is still on demand seeing how human errors like ignorance and drunken driving has killed road users.

Looking forward it is expected that after 10 years of driver-less car production and underground tunnel roads implementation, the product will be available even for the middle class customer who might find the current price too high or intimidation.

“Very, Really and incredibly” are signs of High Stress Levels -study says

stress levels vs. really, incredibly, and very : via 

Researchers now say that the frequency of words like “very,” “incredibly,” and “really” in speech can help in measuring stress levels. That is, the rate in frequency at which as individual uses these adverbs reveal a lot about his or her emotional health.

That means, with this knowledge, individuals may not need to take medical diagnosis to establish whether they are stressed or not –which in essence will help them know when it’s time to take an off day, rest more or even take a vacation from work.  

The study involved 143 participants and as a result, 22,000 voice records were transcribed to establish the count of these adverbs in relation to each individual, their state of mind with regard to their stress level records.

The findings explains that frequent appearance of words like really, incredibly and other close associate adverbs that tend to deflect, magnify or distort matters in one’s speech is a clear indication of exhaustion, and stress.

If you find yourself using these strong action words more often compared to other times or days, it simply means you need to take a break -that is concrete evidence that you are stressed out. It is also a warning that you are straining beyond capacity, which in general might affect your entire wellbeing. A stressed brain, works below par, does serious mistakes and may end up breeding financial losses. 
According to the publication, dated November 2017 -PNAS (Proceedings National Academy of Science) highlights that, inability to focus, sleeplessness, and bad mood are not the only warnings of stress -there is also the choice of words that a person uses in their speech, this as well can indicate stress levels. 

The team of American researchers pointed out that speech patterns reveal a lot about the state of a person, whether they are anxious, feeling depressed or low in mood. 

The application of these words and their likes means you are indirectly asking for assistance by trying to inflate a story, a situation or task. “Well, the words may not really seem to have a direct meaning -in your current set up, but they undoubtedly clarify what is going in your subconscious. 

Shedding more light on the same topic, a renowned psychologist working at the Arizona University -Matthias Mehl, said, “the words as pronounced (whether in high or low tone) may not demonstration what is going on, but are in actuality, a response from within -meaning you need to rest. 

In summary, language -in measuring stress is a better gauge, than self-assessment, as the response is automatic -as in, it cannot be consciously controlled. The good thing is anybody can put these findings into practical test in their daily lives without requiring any formal orientations. 

Therefore, next time you catch yourself chewing more of “incredibly, really and very -and taking maters with a weight they don’t really deserve, simply know that you are “mentally unfit” and ought to take a break, or rest more.