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Monday, 2 December 2013

Ungrateful Wife: 3 Perfect Ways on How to Deal with Ungrateful Wife

Deal with ungrateful wifeFactually this is not the first time you are coming across the term "ungrateful wife" it's a fact in the real world, but the big question is often, what makes her ungrateful? What leads your once loving sweet heart to taking you as mere kid who needs to be shouted upon? What causes her to despise your efforts in the running of the family? What made her the ungrateful wife you see today?

These are very necessary question and they all need perfect answers. However, there is great possibility that the answers lie right under your actions. It is true that the master ought to be respected, but are you a good master, leader, protector, care giver as you ought to be? Let alone your efforts for feeding the family, you may be earning a good salary hence providing material supplies to her, but she'll still call you “bitch” -sorry to mention that but it’s true.

To prove the above statement, see how many wealthy homes break. Yes, money has its own important role in a marriage but it is not everything. The problems you hear in all marriages are often created by ignorance. Practically, you can just decide to brand her “ungrateful wife” not considering the important factors that may have contributed to the behavior. 

So how can you deal with an ungrateful wife?
Read the simple fact and steps below and you can be sure of saving your marriage:

1. Be the expected husband
There are natural expectations which your wife demands her heart that you meet. If you fail, this is when she considers driving her point home by nagging, name calling or even violence. There is no better way to escape what she expects from you other than wise “submission”. Other than withdrawing and tagging her: ungrateful wife, listen to what she want from you and if you cannot manage to meet her target, try to explain it out. Other than putting her off may not control her mouth once she realizes you are ignoring her.

2. Security
Are you giving enough emotional security to her? See, there is a concrete reason as to why she's become an ungrateful wife you dislike. Women are naturally insecure and security is one among their priority needs. An insecure wife show the vacuum by being disrespectful to the hubby, and in solving this you may change her attitude. Let her know there are no other women competing with her for you and you can allow that. Be the loving master, and tell her all will be well even if you are not sure.

She may be the bread winner or one earning higher than you, or even much more educated- but you should still be there to provide the way. For you to brush away the “ungrateful wife” personality in her, you must be relevant even when she asks you the obvious questions. Answering correctly will help to mold her attitude.

3. Train her your way
How do you want her to behave, tell her using the words of wisdom …Don't force things to happen your way because she'll also be doing the same against your wish. Create a democratic environment (not an extreme one) and let her learn how hard it is to deal with an ungrateful wife. The idea is use wisdom don't let her directly know she annoying, but create an environment using sweat words and she'll conform to your way. 


Unknown said...

What a crappy article. It blames the husband for the "once loving wife" to become ungreatful. It does not take into consideration that a wife can start taking a good thing as her "right".

Unknown said...

What a crappy article. It blames the husband for the "once loving wife" to become ungreatful. It does not take into consideration that a wife can start taking a good thing as her "right".

Rodgers Panato said...

I don't think so!The husband is responsible for the behavior of the wife... It's her right, and should be granted...

Anonymous said...

"The husband is responsible for the behavior of the wife"
A good way to shy away from taking responsibility of your actions and blaming your spouse. Classic.
This article shows the wife as "having the right to everything" whereas its the husband's duty to make sure he lives up to all her expectations, no matter how stupid they might be. Then its these same dumb wives that wonder what went wrong?
Some people are never happy and never realize as to what they had was real until they get shown the door. Tragic.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you smart responder👆

Anonymous said...

This article is poorly written and biased. Wives can go take a hike if they aren't going to appreciate their husbands' efforts in the family - this "equality" garbage is a one-way street these days.

CT said...

Yes, it's the evil husband's fault. All because of Vagina, one has no fault. I call bullshit.

sandytoesopenroads said...
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robert broderick said...

I agree Wtf my wife don't do dishes washing and cleaning the house anymore She does not even say thank u anymore

She will once a week do something and that's it

It's a 50/50 relationship not a one way

I am considering moving out

Anonymous said...

Not helpful at all. My wife gets everything she wants and needs and still isn't grateful. Makes everyone feel like crap because she's sour all the time. She expects everyone to make her happy. She does nothing, and I mean nothing, to help herself. I work hard to provide a good life for her...she takes it all and still isn't satisfied. Good example...we just got back from a European vacation 2 weeks ago. She just told me this morning she never gets to do anything. This article was a waste of time...doesn't help me at all. Time I won't get back...