2 Things you Must drop to Make your Wife Love you More

If you can remember how your relationship started, and keep an account of how you used to treat one another during those first days, then you'll easily grasp this concept and make your wife love your more than you can imagine. Yes! You have the magical power right with you. This means you've got to drop those powers working against your relationship and use those that are value adding. Power number one you must drop is; #1.Stop Harsh and negative words. All relationships begin with words, and mostly sweet words. The truth is, when you were commencing your love life, it was filled with many welcoming and soul-lifting words. You used to tell her things like, "your are my one and only sun in the universe" I don't sleep thinking of you, I feel like going bananas when I don't see you" ha ha ha... And so on. Yes, in fact there is a possibility that you even invented all kind of appraisals just to make sure you occupy her heart and mind. You won! Isn't it? And that's why you are with her today. BUT... Do you still want to remain a winner or you to lose her?. It's true you won her over, BUT it's not yet OVER. You have to keep wining her over with your words since you've not gone dump. SO STOP and drop the use of harsh and negative words. You can correct your wife in a polite manner! Power number one you must drop is; #2.Stop Controlling everything One thing that you must understand is, your wife may never perfectly do what you want in life. Okay, there is a manner that you want her to live, but remember that this is a human being with it's own brain, behaviors and lifestyle. I don't mean that you completely leave things to go the way they want, No. I mean, keep on requesting how you want things to go but don't reprimand when they don't. You ought to enjoy the fact that your partner is not a robot and that she has willingly decided to live with you.

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